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A Jellyfish Of Legend Full Movie Online Free

"And so, perhaps, I know why men wish it." Bill pushed to one side hisuntouched salad. "Without any question now of its fairness or justiceto women like Henrietta, or you. In the first place, it is convenient,practically so; smooths down all the details of living. But especially,it drops a painted screen between man and the distressing futility ofhis life. A man with a family and a regular wife, old style, doesn'toften have to face his own emptiness. He feels important. He hurriesaround at his work, and if doubt pricks a hole in that screen, thepicture painted there is intricate enough to hide the hole. He hassomething to keep his machinery in action. If by day his little ego isdeflated, there is, to change my figure, free air at home to blow himfull again."

A Jellyfish of Legend full movie online free


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