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Akane The Kunoichi Full HOT!

The title character, Akane, is a kunoichi who serves (and is in love with) the samurai Goro. When he gets kidnapped by the evil Hiromi, Akane sets off to rescue him. The game features fifteen levels, divided into five acts (with the third level of each act featuring a boss fight).

Akane the Kunoichi FULL

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Akane is a skilled kunoichi (female ninja) from Far East Village who is enamored of Panzer. To save him from himself, she becomes involved in the fight to stop the revival of the Thousand-Year Kingdom in the game Shining the Holy Ark, where she is a playable Ninja.

A few days later in China, she runs into Eliot and Brad Wong, the latter who starts to hit on her again, much to the kunoichi's annoyance. Just as she was about to slap him for being so ungentlemanly towards her, Eliot flips Brad over and blocks her slap. Ayane tells him that he has improved since their last bout. Eliot happily asks if she's entering the tournament, to which she replies "We'll see" with a smile. She defeats Eliot, telling him he's supposed to watch his opponent better. A few days later in the Arctic, she sees Kasumi standing over a defeated Bayman. She runs over to her but Kasumi teleports away, leaving her to contend with Bayman's interference. Although victorious, she is greatly annoyed at everyone getting in her way.

The kanji used to spell Ayane's name (綾音) means "design sound." The term can be used to describe something that is built perfectly for its purpose. This could relate to Ayane as she is seen as a skilled, naturally-born kunoichi.

Just like Kasumi Ayane has recieved a huge number of figures over the years, starting with an action doll produced by Ninie and 2 figures produced by Epoch, one smaller and less detailed and another bigger and more detailed. She then received multiple smaller and less detailed figures to promote the Xbox Dead or Alive games alongside the other female characters, to then receive multiple more detailed PVC figures, among them 2 figures produced by Kotobukiya (one wearing her Ninja outfit and another wearing a bikini), a figure based on Xtreme 2, and finally 2 figures based on her Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's appearance and a full on statue with a huge stand produced by Multiverse Studio, based on her appearance on Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge.

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