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Doom 95 Full Version Download Free

Doom 95 Full Version Download Free

Doom 95 is a Windows 95 port of the classic first-person shooter game Doom, developed by id Software and released in 1996. Doom 95 allows you to play Doom on modern computers without using DOSBox or other emulators. You can also use Doom 95 to play custom wads created by the Doom community.

If you are looking for a way to download Doom 95 full version for free, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to get Doom 95 from reliable sources and how to install and run it on your Windows PC.


How to Download Doom 95 Full Version for Free

There are several websites that offer Doom 95 full version for free, but not all of them are safe or legal. Some of them may contain viruses, malware, or unwanted software that can harm your computer or compromise your privacy. Others may violate the copyright laws and put you at risk of legal action.

To avoid these problems, we recommend you to download Doom 95 full version from the following sources:

  • : This is a non-profit digital library that preserves and provides access to historical software, games, books, music, and more. You can download Doom 95 from as a shareware version or as a full version with the Ultimate Doom expansion pack. The shareware version only contains the first episode "Knee-Deep in the Dead", while the full version contains four episodes with 36 levels. You can also download Doom for Windows 95, which is a slightly modified version of Doom 95 that runs better on newer hardware .

  • : This is a fan website dedicated to Doom and its modding community. You can download Doom 95 from as a zip file that contains the executable file and the installation instructions. You will need to have the original Doom or Doom II wad file to run Doom 95. You can also find hundreds of custom wads, maps, mods, and tools for Doom on this website.

How to Install and Run Doom 95 Full Version

After you download Doom 95 full version from one of the sources above, you will need to unzip it into a temporary directory and run the setup file. The setup file will guide you through the installation process and let you choose the destination folder, the sound card, and the video mode. You can also adjust the mouse sensitivity, the screen size, and the difficulty level in the setup menu.

Once you finish the installation, you can launch Doom 95 from the Start menu or from the desktop shortcut. You can also drag and drop any custom wad file onto the Doom 95 icon to play it. To exit the game, press Esc and select Quit Game.


Doom 95 is a great way to enjoy the classic Doom game on modern computers without any hassle. You can download Doom 95 full version for free from or and install it easily on your Windows PC. You can also play custom wads created by the Doom community and experience new levels, enemies, weapons, and graphics.

We hope this article helped you find out how to download Doom 95 full version for free. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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