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[S9E7] Shelter From The Storm ((INSTALL))

Meanwhile, Dwight cannot believe Jan's luxe stroller costs as much as his bomb shelter ($1,200) and decides to run it through a gamut of durability tests, which is a funny bit. (Fun fact: With modern TVs you can definitely spot a wheel breaking when he slams into it with his car.) Meanwhile, Jan won't even let Michael hold Astrid without the car seat. Where there should be unimaginable joy, there's emptiness. As she leaves the office this episode, Jan bans Michael from dating Holly. Michael immediately asks Holly out. Good on him. It was a well-executed way of banishing the Michael-Jan relationship. Good riddance for all involved.

[S9E7] Shelter from the Storm


Opening her restaurant to the public seeking shelter through a storm, including Dustin and his construction workers, and using family-style meals to feed everyone and avoid wasting food reminded Gina of happier times.

When Amy limps back into the barn with Spartan after a ride, Ty asks what happened. She tells him that approaching a branch to jump Spartan stopped causing her to go flying. He tells her about a new client horse coming in and she gets annoyed, she feels she can't fix her own horse so has lost confidence in fixing other horses. Ty starts talking to her about it and thinks the problem is more with her, when she was riding previously she was leaning back and jerking her reins, which she refuses to believe. Amy tells him that Spartan is scared after he was taken in the middle of the night with him asleep upstairs, being blamed he walks away. Ty starts working with Harley, Jack offers to help but as it's his first horse Ty tells him he wants to do it alone. Mallory watches him and asks if he's happy now Caleb's gone. Ty tells her he is, she goes on to ask when he's going to break up with Kit which he doesn't justify with an answer. As Amy leaves for Victor's Ty hides in the barn until after she's left. Mallory tells Lou that they both need sorting out as they're being too stubborn. When Ty and Kit are preparing trail ride horses, Lou runs in and tells them that they don't need all the horses and don't need their services. She explains that there's only one guest that's rented out all cabins and has requested total privacy so they're not to go down there. Kit's happy they have free time now and suggests they do something together, Ty instead tells her he wants to work with Harley some more, Kit tags along telling him she'll help. Kit shows Ty her method, she ties a soft rope around Harley's neck and leg so that he can't kick or walk off that way they can do what they want. Ty's not keen as it seems cruel and Kit takes it personally that he's choosing Amy's method over hers and storms off. Ty's working with Harley when Jack arrives back from Victors, Ty tells him that Harley doesn't listen to him and is disappointed that he won't be broke by the time "she" gets back. Jack realises that he wants to impress Amy, he advises him to take his time. Ty manages to mount Harley but then starts to buck and he's thrown, much to jack's amusement. The next day, Ty works with Harley again as is able to ride him, Jack praises him and tells him that he's gained Harley's trust but still has a lot to teach him. Ty sits nervously in the Loft looking at a picture of Amy on his phone when Kit arrives. She apologises for what happened and tries to kiss Ty but he backs off. As he tries to find the right words, Kit realises he's breaking up with her and guesses it's because of Amy. He's adamant it's not and says they should be friends. Kit gets angry that he was leading her on and storms out. Ty goes to Victor's and picks up Amy. When she asks why he came he tells her that he needed to talk to her and it couldn't wait. Amy takes him to the spirit wheel and as he tries to tell her that he wants more that he doesn't want them to be friends, Amy cuts him off telling him that something with her has changed and she knows that no matter what they'll be ok. (Full Circle) Ty tells Jack about some bad snowfall nearby, he tells him that the wild horses are starving up near the Fishing Cabin, Amy overhears and insists on going. When Jack says no, she organises with Ty to go up there without telling him. When Mallory starts to stick her nose in about his love life now he's split up with Kit, he deflects by telling her to focus on her own love life since Jake is coming by. At dinner, Mallory teases Ty by telling everyone she wants to spill a secret and then tells them that he's graduated High School finishing in the top 10%. After everyone leaves Amy asks him why he was being secretive, he assures her Mallory just told them before he had a chance to. The next day, Amy and Ty prepare to go when Jack tells them that after talking to Scott agrees they should go up there. Ty and Amy are elated, until Jack tells them he's going too. After Jack has to change the plans and stay, Amy and Ty prepare to leave and Jack tells Amy to set up the radio when they get there to communicate. Amy and Ty arrive at the fishing cabin, they begin unloading hay when Amy asks if he was going to tell her about Kit. He assures her there's nothing to tell and asks about Caleb. Amy tells him that she's heard nothing from him but Ashley has. They have dinner and celebrate Ty's diploma, but Ty hasn't eaten much. Amy asks about what he said when he picked her up form Victor's about not being friends. He tells her that he can't just be friends but now he has his diploma it's the first time in his life he has choices. He tells Amy that he's been talking to Scott who said he can intern/apprentice with him, she asks about them and he tells her it's up to her. They hear horses outside and go out to watch, Ty's not looking so good and points out Ghost, Amy can't see him and Ty starts to become disoriented and passes out. Amy manages to get him inside and notices he has a fever, he tries to get up saying he can drive but Amy manages to stop him. Amy looks after him and managed to radio through to Jack and tell him what's going on, he tells her that the road's closed and they'll have to stay put. In the morning, Amy wakes up and tells Ty he looks better and that his fever has broken. As she goes to maintain the fire he watches her end early and tells her that she's beautiful. They go outside and watch the horses, and see Ghost with his mare and foal. Ty approaches him and Amy's able to get close. Amy tells him that they could be friends but she wants more than that since she's in love with him, he also declares his love and they share a kiss. Amy and Ty are able to get back to Heartland by following a Bedford Oil plough. Ty's sitting in front of the fire and Jack goes to talk to him, he reminds him what he said before about getting near his granddaughters and reminds him not to kiss and run this time. Amy joins Ty on the sofa as they're about to kiss they're interrupted by Mallory. Amy checks that Ty wasn't delirious when he said he loves her and they both confirm their love for each other and kiss. (Step By Step)

At Maggie's, Ashley, Soraya, Amy and Mallory tell Ty about Mr. Hanley and the ghost story about his farm. When it was owned before Hanley's father bought he farm, the farmer's daughter was dating the stable hand and didn't approve, he burned down the barn and all the horses and the stable hand died. When the Hanley's took over they re-built the barn on the exact spot the old one stood, and it's now haunted by the stable hand, he wears a long black coat and when his hood is removed his face is burned off. A hooded figure enters the Diner and they all watch in fear as Caleb removes his hood and tells them about the bad weather blowing in. Ty gets back and finds Badger waiting for him in the barn, he asks if Clint knows he's here and realises he ran away. When Ty tries to make him see that when they find him he'll be in big trouble but he asks for a place to stay for the night. Clint arrives and asks Ty if he's seen Badger, as he's figuring out what to say Mallory arrives and tells him that he was there but talked about hiking to the bus station, Ty and Clint leave to try and find him. When he gets back, Jack asks about Badger and he tries to tell him he's Clint's problem now. Jack convinces him that if he came to see him he should help him. Amy and Ty go to Maggie's to prepare for their night at The Hanley Place, Soraya and Caleb are surprised they're spending the night there as Mr. Hanley seems crazy. They're both happy to have some time together and soon hear a noise in the barn, they go to check it out and Caleb jumps out with an axe. Caleb and Soraya are laughing when they all turn and see a hooded figure at the door branding a hook, Caleb protects them with his axe and Ashley pulls her hood off laughing at them all scared. After they all leave, Amy starts to think they're right as they haven't seen anything with the horses. The lights suddenly go out and Ty goes to check the breaker box, when he hears a noise from the loft. He goes up to have a look around, not seeing anything, he looks out the window and sees a hooded figure slowly walking towards Amy. He shouts but she doesn't hear him so he runs out to her and finds no one there. Amy shows him the graves she's found of the horses and the stable hand, they head back into the barn as the storm starts worsening. Back inside, Ty asks Amy if she's ok and she tells him she's letting the place get to her. They both hear a creaking from upstairs and go up to check, they see someone hiding and pull the sheet to reveal...Mallory. When they ask why she's there she glances towards someone else, Badger jumps out and Ty chases him. After he catches him they all stand in shock as the hooded figure looms over Badger, pulls his hood down and Mr. Hanley thinks he's the one who's been aggravating his horses. Amy apologises and tells him they're her friends, Ty orders them to get into the truck when they turn to see another hooded figure. The horses start to get spooked and as they go in to release them Ty spots something in the hay, he goes to grab it and Brent jumps out and the pair fight. Amy comes over and finds the glycogen loader he was using, a sugar bomb used to energise racehorses. The lights come back on and Mr. Hanley finds out what's been going on. The next morning, Ty talks to Badger by the lake and asks what happened. He tells him that he wanted to visit his parents and found an empty house, they moved and didn't tell him so he ran away not wanting to go back to the group home. Ty tells him that in future he come to Heartland to cool off but doesn't run away, he agrees. Ty gives him advice on what to say to Clint, which goes smoothly receiving minimal punishment. (The Haunting of Hanley Barn) 041b061a72

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