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Weldment Profiles Solidworks 2012 ((LINK)) Crack

Surface voids sealed from pressurizing gas. Coating technique enables healing of surface defects by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). Internal pores readily closed by HIP, but surface voids like cracks and pores in contact with pressurizing gas not healed. Applied to casting or weldment as thick slurry of two glass powders: one melts at temperature slightly lower than used for HIP, and another melts at higher temperature. For example, powder is glass of 75 percent SiO2 and 25 percent Na2O, while other powder SiO2. Liquid component of slurry fugitive organic binder; for example, mixture of cellulose acetate and acetone. Easy to apply, separates voids from surrounding gas, would not react with metal part under treatment, and easy to remove after pressing.

weldment profiles solidworks 2012 crack

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