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X Art Mina Beauty And The Beast HD Moviemov

Nia is Simon's main love interest, coming into the series the episode after Kamina's death. When Nia and Simon first meet Simon is speechless and Nia is confused as to why he has no beast body parts. He informs her it is because he is Human. After bringing her onto Dai-Gurren the crew members aren't sure if they should trust her after it is revealed as Lordgenome's daughter. Simon loves Nia a lot, even going as far as to charge at a Gunmen by himself without Lagann in an effort to save her only to be out run by the other crew members' Gunmen and ending up tripping and twisting his ankle. While Simon fights Lordgenome, Nia puts all her faith in Simon and tells him she believes he can win. After winning the fight against Lordgenome, Nia cuddled up to Simon and Simon put his arm around her.

X Art Mina Beauty And The Beast HD Moviemov

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