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Buying an existing orchard that is currently in operation is like buying any other business. You want to carefully review the financials and pay attention to any unusual expenses that might point to problems. Take a look at the land, test the soil condition, and see what condition the trees are in before you commit to buying. Decide if you feel like any trees will need to be replaced and what impact that will have on the ongoing profits.

buy an orchard

Think of all the time and money you can save that by planting one of our affordable fruit trees or fruiting plants that you might have spent at your local supermarket. Fruit trees and plants are a great way to add beauty to your yard or garden. Fruit trees also make for great shade in the hot Summer months. Choose from our wide selection to start your own fruit garden or orchard, buy fruit trees today!

Feeling of Accomplishment - There's nothing that can adequately explain the feeling of self-accomplishment that comes with being able to walk right outside your door and pick your own fruits right from your own fruit trees. Join in the fun and plant your own home orchard today!

Orchard Supply was formed in 1931 as the Orchard Supply Farmers Co-op by 30 farmers, consisting mostly of orchardists and fruit tree ranchers who banded together to form a cooperative to buy essential farm supplies.[5] Each farmer put up $30 and in the midst of the Great Depression a new company was formed. Stanley B. Smith served as the company's first general manager and president.[6]

By 1950 the electronics industry began booming in the Santa Clara Valley, and with it came an abundance of new home owners in the San Francisco Bay Area. The orchards gradually became residential neighborhoods, and the "Orchard Supply Farmers Co-op" became a for-profit corporation, "Orchard Supply Hardware" retail stores.[9][10]

It's another seal on the huge deal known as Orchard Crossing, a 181-acre development at Silver Lake and Kent Lake roads, which will include 161 homes on 77 acres, leaving 104 acres for preservation of orchards and the cider mill, as well as new enterprises.

Developer Lombardo Homes first brought the Orchard Crossing plan to the township in April 2021, after several other developers were turned away. A few months later, Peter and Paul Blake announced their intention to partner with Lombardo and run orchard operations in the new development.

Trustee Sean O'Neil agreed, noting the board had seen a lot of "horrible" plans in which other developers wanted to add 400 homes rather than maintain the orchard. The Blakes' involvement in the orchard part of this plan is something he believes will leave a little bit of the Erwin legacy.

Also in this north side orchard operations area would be a 20,000 square-foot event venue with a 400-person capacity, and an outdoor patio. Additionally, a 3,500 square-foot restaurant and 1,000-square-foot farmer's market will share a building which will be designed to accommodate the potential for a drive-thru lane around the facility.

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Once you place an order on the website, you will receive an order confirmation from This automated response is only confirmation that we received your order and it does not represent the product's actual stock availability. We will notify you if any items are out of stock, discontinued or if product specifications have changed from the website's description. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of any item sold, or prohibit a sale altogether.

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