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Treasure Planet ^NEW^

A troubled young man obsessed with pirates lives in a steampunk fantasy land with his mother who runs and inn. After being given a treasure map and a warning from a dying pirate, he sets off with the bumbling friend of the family, a philosopher of sorts, to find the treasure. Along the way he finds himself and his place in the world.

Treasure Planet

This is the iconic pirate story to start all pirate stories. It is the precursor to movie classics and stereotypes and tropes about pirates and treasure hunting, all of it starts here with this very descriptive story of a young man.

He is also fun-loving, jokey, sarcastic, mischievous, charismatic, and very dreamy. He likes playing around with Morph, but he can get annoyed by the little floating pink blob of mischief sometimes, and the same can be said for B.E.N., who gets on Jim's nerves fairly often, especially when B.E.N. talks too much or touches Jim too much. Nevertheless, Jim does consider B.E.N. a good friend and a useful sidekick (also, Jim learned to accept B.E.N.'s hysterical and annoying habits somewhat and even enthusiastically hugs B.E.N. back when B.E.N. hugs him for saving everyone from Treasure Planet's destruction). He is also usually honest, yet quite private, and hardly ever lies; he only lies if he feels that he really has to. Jim can also be very sweet, innocent and polite, and cares greatly for his allies and will protect and defend them from anything and anyone. Jim is also very forgiving, shown when he forgave Silver for his antagonistic actions throughout the film and particularly when Silver chose to save Jim's life instead of Flint's treasure. Jim also allowed Silver to sneak away from the RLS Legacy, instead of informing Captain Amelia and having Silver arrested, showing that Jim has completely forgiven Silver and accepted him as his friend and father-figure again.

Jim also learned that Silver cared more about the treasure than Jim, which left Jim heartbroken and hurt. After the pirates attacked and mutiny began, Silver tried to apologize to Jim about what he said.

When the planet's self-destruct mode was activated, Jim almost fell to his death while Silver had to choose between the treasure he's searched for years and the young man he had to come to love, deep down.

They hire a ship, under the command of the feline Captain Amelia (Emma Thompson), and her first mate, Mr. Arrow (Roscoe Lee Browne). Unfortunately, crew includes Long John Silver and his gang, who plan to mutiny and take the treasure for themselves.

The Pirates are a celestial race of space piratic monster barbarians and an antagonistic force from Disney's 43rd full-length animated feature film Treasure Planet, which is loosely based on the 1883 Scottish adventure book Treasure Island by the late Robert Louis Stevenson. They are based on the original pirates from the book. There is the total of 890 pirates to the film: the 15 named pirates are led by John Silver and the 875 unnamed pirates are led by Captain Nathaniel Flint, whose treasure has become the focal point of the story.

The pirates were first seen with notorious Captain Nathaniel Flint, who was their most feared captain of all of his pirates. When Flint orders his pirates to fire upon their quarry, they initially open their gun ports for using their cannons to destroy the tremendous Arcturian merchant ship, which will make the people feel afraid after the lights were blown out everywhere. Like a Candarian zaftwing overtaking its prey, Flint and his band of renegades mysteriously swooped in out of nowhere. When two of the pirates start to open Flint's treasure chest, they then dump all of the gold and jewels out of his treasure chest, so he can keep his remunerative treasure safe. When the Arcturian merchant ship had a lot of flames, the pirates are supposedly burned to their apparent deaths after the pillaging was over. The pirates of Flint's crew are not seen again afterwards.

Silver blackmails Jim to use the map, directing them to a portal that opens on any location in the universe, which Jim realizes is how Flint, the long-dead pirate captain from another era, conducted his raids. They open the portal to the center of Treasure Planet, discovering that the planet is really a space station built eons ago that Flint commandeered to stow his treasure. As the pirates prepare to collect the wealth, Jim finds the skeletal remains of Flint, holding the missing component to B.E.N.'s cognitive computer. He reinserts it, and B.E.N. immediately recalls that "Flint rigged the planet to explode upon the treasure's discovery". As the station begins to fall apart, Silver tries to hold onto a boatload of gold, so he is opted to let it go to save Jim. The survivors escape to the Legacy, which is damaged and unable to leave the planet in time. Jim rigs a makeshift rocket-powered sailboard, and rides ahead of the Legacy towards the portal. At the last moment, Jim sets the portal back to Montressor Spaceport, and both he and the Legacy safely clear the destruction. Although the five remaining pirates were arrested by Doppler and Amelia for their crimes, they were last seen cheering for Jim for saving them from the exploding planet.

Jim finds Silver has snuck below decks to escape. He allows him to go, and Silver asks him to keep Morph, as well as providing him some part of the treasure to rebuild the Benbow Inn, believing that Jim will "rattle the stars". Amelia offers Jim a recommendation to the interstellar academy before returning to the spaceport to reunite with his mother. Sometime later, a party is hosted at the rebuilt inn, where Doppler and Amelia are married and have children of their own, and Jim is now a military cadet. Jim looks into the skies and sees an image of Silver in the clouds.

Jim, along with Dr. Delbert Doppler (David Hyde Pierce), hires a space crew led by Captain Amelia Smollet (Emma Thompson) to go on a quest to find the treasure. The trouble is that the cook just happens to be a cyborg named John Silver (Brian Murray), and the rest of the crew, save for Smollet and her first mate, are very shady characters. Jim ends up forming a paternal bond with Silver, which causes issues when the latter needs to lead a mutiny in order to fulfill his lifelong goal of getting the treasure.

In a version of outer space in which there is apparently oxygen and the solar winds are powerful enough to propel ships between stars, young Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, just one more rock removed from 3rd Rock from the Sun at that point) is a wayward youth who dreams of the stars, a daredevil in trouble with the law. As his mother and the supportive Dr. Doppler (David Hyde Pierce) try to rein him in, the call to adventure lands right on his doorstep in the form of a dying pirate (Patrick McGoohan?!!) with a stolen treasure map and a warning to beware of a cyborg. Moments later, his house is laser-blasted and burnt to the ground by a band of marauders.

With the launch of its own streaming platform, Disney has all the means to relaunch the Treasure Planet franchise and valorize it the way it should. The House of Mouse is currently focusing on the live-action adaptation of the Disney Renaissance hits, so it might be a long shot to hope for the 2002 movie to get the same treatment. However, some follow-up animated series might be relatively affordable and feasible. The movie ended right after Jim joined the Royal Interstellar Academy, there are virtually endless stories that could follow him across the countless planets in the galaxy.

The Map was an artifact that was created at an unknown point in the past and was first seen in the hands of Captain Nathaniel Flint. This legendary pirate was responsible for taking over the world of Treasure Planet from a highly developed species whereupon he used the planetoid as a secret base. He embarked on many years of looting merchant vessels whereupon Captain Flint accumulated a large fortune known as the Loot of a Thousand Worlds which he stored at Treasure Planet whose coordinates were unknown to the rest of the universe. The only means of locating the planet was through the special Map with the loot being known in legend as Flint's Treasure. At some point, the Map was passed onto Flint's first mate Billy Bones who crashed on a distant world where he died in the home of Jim Hawkins. After learning of its existence, Hawkins and Dr Delbert Doppler embarked on a quest to locate Flint's treasure. They charted a ship under the command of Captain Amelia who navigated the R L S Legacy on the mission. The existence of the Map was held a closely guarded secret from the crew of the ship due to their dubious character and Captain Amelia kept the artifact in her quarters where it was locked in a cabinet. When they reached the planet, John Silver staged his coup of the ship with the crew who revealed themselves as pirates that all joined in the mission to find Flint's treasure. During the fight, Hawkins along with Captain Amelia and Doppler escaped the captured R L S Legacy but accidently left the Map behind on the ship. However, Silver and the pirates believed Hawkins still retained the Map and thus chased after them to reacquire it to find the location of the loot. This led to Hawkins secretly boarding the R L S Legacy with the Bio-Electronic-Navigator. They returned to the surface of Treasure Planet to meet with Captain Amelia and Dr Doppler but they had been captured Silver who forced Hawkins to activate the Map. Jim Hawkins managed to convince Silver to take the captives to follow the Map to coordinates on the surface. There they discovered that the entirety of Treasure Planet was one large mechanism that was able to generate portals to any point in space. In time, they learnt that treasure was located in the centre of the world whereupon Silver along with Hawkins and the pirates transported to that part of the planet.

In appearance, the Map resembled a brass sphere though had a rotating surface with several sections capable of being moved to alter the outer area. A number of glyphs were present on the exterior with these actually being buttons that were used to activate the mechanism. These writings were similar to the hieroglyphs present on Treasure Planet which itself was part of an ancient culture. When activated in the right order, the Map generated a room sized hologram of the universe with coordinates of various celestial bodies and planets. This served as the only means for locating the famed Treasure Planet and navigating towards that hidden world. Once on Treasure Planet, the activation of the Map led it to project a holographic trail designed to guide its users to a specific location on the world. At this site, the Map acted as a key where it slotted into an opening in the ground where it projected a green sphere that acted as the control system of the planetary teleportation mechanism. At this point, a door shaped tear in space formed which was generated by the planetoid itself and acted as a portal to distant locations as far as half way across the galaxy. This portal allowed the users to travel to any point in space in a single journey and even allowed for travel to the centre of Treasure Planet. The coordinates for travel were inputted in the holographic sphere generated above the surface of the Map once it slotted into the ground. 041b061a72

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