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Where To Buy Storage Trunks For College

College trunks are a great way to create extra dorm room storage space in your cramped dorm room. The dorm trunk can be used to store anything from clothes and extra Twin XL dorm bedding, to books, or anything you want kept out of the way. In dorm life, college trunks can also be utilized as a dorm end table or college nightstand, which makes it a true multi-functional dorm necessity. Another great use for dorm trunks is to use them to pack up everything you need for college. By getting the dorm trunk early, you can use it to store all the other college stuff that you'll need to gather before you take off for college.

where to buy storage trunks for college

Trunk rooms are not secure, and no item of value should be left in a storage area. The college is not responsible for loss or damage to any item, regardless of the cause. Items that are not properly labeled or do not belong to residents will be removed and disposed of. Students are urged to bring valuables home during the summer or to use local storage facilities.

If students choose to use their house trunk rooms, there are strict expectations about how items should be packed and labeled. All items must be packed in storage containers or plastic tubs which can be securely closed (functional, sturdy suitcases and trunks are permissible). Cardboard boxes, large plastic trash bags and other bags cannot be used to store items. 041b061a72

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