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Aakhir Kyon |VERIFIED|

I wrote this article on the eve of International Women's day . I would like to write about a movie , in which a woman protagonist has put across a powerful message to the women.Movies are a reflection of society . They are a creative energy , a synergy of a team . The interpretation and effects of cinema on a viewer's thinking vary from person to person.Aakhir kyon ? This 1985 film stars Smita Patil , Rakesh Roshan , Tina Munim and Rajesh Khanna.Producer and Director - J Om PrakashScreen play writer - Achala NagarSmita Patil 's character - Nisha is the protagonist.The film is about Nisha - how she has to bear the infidelity of her husband Kabir ( played by Rakesh Roshan ). Her cousin Indu ( played by Tina Munim ) is the home breaker .When Nisha realizes that her husband and cousin are having an extra marital affair, she questions both of them . Both have no regrets . Kabir expects her to accept his nature and his relationship with Indu .Nisha is heart broken but strong . She walks out of the relationship and life of Kabir . Being an orphan and having no home to go to or person to ask for support , she unwillingly refrains herself from taking the custody of their daughter.Nisha's journey of struggles , self reliance and success are beautifully written by Achala Nagar and directed by J Om Prakash.The song ' Dushman na Kare ' sung by Lata Mangeskar was a popular song , too . The song depicts gracefully, the pain and hurt felt by Nisha.The film celebrates the success story of Nisha . In the film , the superstar Rajesh Khanna plays the character of Alok , Nisha's friend and motivator .Alok and Nisha are people with a progressive and positive outlook .Nisha's character is a woman of substance and resilience . Left alone in this world , to fend for herself , Nisha finds shelter in a women's NGO( non governmental organization ) , a job and later becomes a successful writer and novelist.The mother Nisha comes to her daughter's rescue , by giving a book publishing and royalty rights to her husband Kabir , who approaches her for help in his financial crisis. Her daughter's scheduled marriage can take place without any financial troubles , thanks to her mother. The tragedy of Nisha's life is that her daughter doesn't remember her biological mother , Nisha .Kabir and Indu kept her away from Nisha's memories and Nisha was also prevented by them from meeting her daughter .The sorrow of life long separation from the daughter , is a scar in Nisha's life , which always challenges her and pains her. There are moments ,when Nisha is emotionally very low , but she doesn't succumb to any pressure and stays balanced in approach.The entire team of ' Aakhir kyon ' puts a brilliant effort in the film .The film also portrays Alok's and Nisha's friendship beautifully. Alok is a supporter of Nisha , a confidante , a true friend.After many years , they decide to marry .Smita Patil , Rajesh Khanna , Tina Munim and Rakesh Roshan are as usual , spontaneous and brilliant .The journey of self discovery and finding purpose in life are expressed very well in the film.This film had a deep impact on my mind . A woman can be strong. She can overcome the obstacles in life . Her self respect , self love and self belief can be her source of light and inspiration. By leading a righteous life , a woman can make a significant contribution to the society and the economy.I watched this film in different phases of my life - childhood , youth and middle age. This film has always set me thinking about women and womanhood , motherhood , adjustments , adaptability , hope and self love , destiny and much more. - Rupali Gore- March 7, 2022photo - clicked by me

Aakhir Kyon



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