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Watch the Highest-Grossing Singaporean Film Ever: Ah Boys To Men 2

As for the other boys, they simply sat on the sidewalk opposite old Mrs.Battle's, and worshipped the house, from which their hero had not beensuccessfully coaxed to come out. In spite of Paul's caution to Benny,and the promises that he received in return, the deputy had talked soenthusiastically about Paul to all the men he met, that the story spedabout town that Paul had done as much toward recapturing the prisoner asthe officer had. This story might have been spoiled had Benny actedaccording to the spirit of his promise, but the little fellow had beenso elated by the looks that people gave him, as he marched with Paul andthe counterfeiter through the street, that he could not bear todeliberately rob himself of his fame, as of course he would do as soonas Paul's story had been told. So Benny refused to be seen; he went tobed very early, and before breakfast he had hidden himself in the unusedattic of his mother's cottage, where he nursed his glory until he feltthat he was simply starving for something to eat.

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I have three hundred and sixty-four postage stamps, and haveexchanged successfully with many of the boys and a few of thegirls. I have now some white moss which came from Muskosh Mills, alittle village on an island in the Muskoka River, which I wouldgladly exchange for curiosities from the ocean or the far South.

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